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Opencart – How to hide or style Totals

How to hide or style Totals in cart popup and checkout cart view – a tutorial for OpenCart 2.0 At some point you might want to change how the totals are displayed across different sites in Opencart. For example, it is a good practice to make popup cart as simple as possible. For that, we would like to hide all the subtotal and tax fields. What you need there is just total of your cart. You cannot switch totals in the admin because they are Continue reading →

Mobile ready webdesign

Do I really need a mobile ready web page? And what does it really mean? Lately there has been a lot of fuss about mobile friendly/mobile ready web pages, mobile internet usage and similar stuff. Why is that the case and should we even care? To put it simply, mobile and tablet users are growing in numbers rapidly, very rapidly. And this growth implies changes, as mobile users see and browse pages differently than desktop users do (and tablet users do it in a different Continue reading →