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Responsive design optimization

Is my site really mobile ready? Amidst all this technological turmoil, many people tend to think, “well, I have my responsive web page finished, so I guess I am mobile ready?” Well, probably not yet. The thing is, most designers forget about one “small” detail – performance. Usually, the biggest flaw of responsive design is its speed. Here goes an attempt to explain this aspect without entering too much into tech details. In responsive design, you scale elements (including images) on browser screen to match Continue reading →

Mobile ready webdesign

Do I really need a mobile ready web page? And what does it really mean? Lately there has been a lot of fuss about mobile friendly/mobile ready web pages, mobile internet usage and similar stuff. Why is that the case and should we even care? To put it simply, mobile and tablet users are growing in numbers rapidly, very rapidly. And this growth implies changes, as mobile users see and browse pages differently than desktop users do (and tablet users do it in a different Continue reading →